Friday, August 14, 2009

Boys' answers to school questions

What school are you going to?
Joe: "Ballard East"
Sam: "Ballard West, again"
What are you most excited for?
Joe: "Music and lunch and also library, art and recess."
Sam: "PE and lunch."

What are you least excited for?
Joe: "PE"
Sam: "Recess, because its the same playground as last year!"

What is the name of your teacher?
Joe: "Mrs. Larkin"
Sam: "Mrs. Fideler (Joe's 3rd grade teacher)"

Who are you most excited to see back at school?
Joe: "Mrs Rienertson my first grade teacher and Andrew."
Sam: "Not really anyone, because its the same people!"

What is your favorite subject?
Joe: "Science"
Sam: "Math, science, social studies and science"

What do you think you are going to learn?
Joe: "Harder math questions, how to exercise your muscles better, and learn a new game."
Sam: "Math, division, times, cultures, and that's it."

What school lunch is your favorite?
Joe: "I don't have one yet."
Sam: "Pizza, chicken nuggets, french toast sticks, scrambled eggs, corn dogs, chicken parmasean, fish fingers, chili crispito, turkey sub, chef salad, cheese sandwich and yogurt pack, ham and cheese sandwich and thats it!"

Well there you go straight from the mouths of the boys! Please pray for the boys as they will miss each other soooooooo much! LOL!!!!LOL!!!
Seriously pray they will obey their teachers and do well in school. Also pray that Joe will be done with his cough that he has had for about a month now! Thanks guys!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Josh Smiles take II

New smiles from Josh!

With Gramma!

With dad!


Na on her "cell"

Boys to Camp!

Getting ready to go...

Have returned and Tired!