Saturday, November 21, 2009

My First hand held Ice Cream Cone!

We went to DQ where Na got to have her first ice cream cone that she held all by herself-she loved it!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Couple of Andrews Boys Quotes

Joe: "Mom, do you know how many digits are in a google?"
Mom: blank stare, "umm...nope." he then proceeds to tell me.

So there is a push pin punchout of a ship that Sam made, kinda like "light bright"-same idea, that we taped up to the back door, so you could see the light through the holes.
Joe: "Hey mom whats on the door?"
Mom: "A ship that Sam made, isn't it cool?"
Sam: "Yeah, its the Cauliflower. The ship that people came to America on."
I did correct him gently :)

A quick Update

So the boys are in full swing at school. Joe loves his Teacher Mrs. Larkin. She is tough but very kind and fun-Joe flourishes in this type of environment. He loves all of his classes and especially has excelled in math-like that's a surprise with a smart daddy like his!
Sam also loves school and has Mrs. Fideler, Joe's old teacher, he is also doing well in math and spelling. He loves to play outside with his friends. He is also a great reader!

Joe will need braces next year but before that he needed to break his nightime thumbsucking habit. So we went to an orthodontist and he placed a metal bar in between his molars. This does not allow him to suck his thumb. He was ready to be done so it has worked without him trying to remove it. Anyone that would like to donate to his brace fund is more than free too!!! LOL!

Sam now thinks he needs braces:)

Both of the boys are in Tae Kwon Do. They started this past Tuesday and are really loving it! The class has a total of 8 boys-poor instructor :) They are also going to begin Upward Basketball again and are very excited for that!

Naomi is BUSY. She is such a girl-she cleans up after herself-the boys never really did that until they were older. She is pretty tough too she gets lots of bumps and bruises but gets right back up-of course that is after she gets some daddy time in. She is beginning to put 2 words together, this morning she said "nigh, nigh josh." too sweet!
She is very curious and likes to figure things out-again-not surprising with a daddy like hers!

Josh is chunky and a mover! He is rolling form back to front and vice versa. He sleeps well and eats like a champ! We just started cereal last week and he is very heppy about that! I am trying to cherish these times with him since he is our last!

Well Scott and I are good. I have been busy at church and he is very busy at work. We try to get some good time together in the evenings as well as our 2x a month date nights.

Well thanks for reading and I hope not to go too long again before I post-hopefully we will be seeing some of you over the Holidays!
We love you!!

A few Family Pics

My Lil' Punkin'

My sweet Joshua.