Sunday, December 27, 2009

Couple Andrews Boys Quotes on Christmas Day!

So the boys got mp3 players from us this year to listen to some music...Sam's ear buds (ear phones) were a little big and so after a day of listeninig they began to hurt....
Sam: "Mom, is my ear red? The ear things are too big."
Joe: putting in his two cents, "Sam, if you move the ear butts around you can fit it better in your ear so they don't hurt."
I actually left that alone and laughed to myself it was too funny.

So I wanted to get a newspaper to get the after Christmas deal ads.
Sam: "Mom, we are going to Casey's. Dad wants to know if you need anything."
Joy: "Oh yeah, ask daddy to get me a newspaper."
Sam: "What's a newspaper?"

Naomi's First Snow Day 2009

Not that Naomi hasn't seen snow today was just her first day of actually going out in it! I think she was a little overwhelmed with ALL the snow outside and it was a little chilly. Scott gave her a sled ride which didn't go over too well. She began to cry at the bottom after the ride. It was only about 15 or 20 minutes and we took her back in. Her favorite part I think was the free ride with her daddy back home!

Christmas Morning 2009

We had a fun Christmas day! The boys liked Christmas again this year. As you can see here they received opposing Iowa team shirts-see the love! They also each got mp3 players to listen to some music...needless to say its been sort of quiet around here with Scott and I saying, "What? are you talking to me? Oh. No. You are listening to your music and singing. Oh ok."

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning 2009 take 2

Can't belive another Christmas has come and gone and the kids are growing too quickly! We had a fun day. Scott and Sam picked out a huge and beautiful tree again this year and we all decorated it together. 1600 or so lights light up this puppy!!
Josh got some good chew toys since he is teething and slobbering like crazy! He has two coming in up top and definately needs to chew stuff. Naomi loved her gifts. She is pictured here with her 2 sippy cups with sport balls on them which of course she loves! She wanted to take both of them to her crib for nap LOL!! We also got her a little ball pool- which she absolutely LOOOVED! Although she had more fun transporting the balls from the pool back and forth to the BOX it came in! go figure...Merry Christmas!

My Huntin' Man!!

Scott went hunting twice this year and got this doe! He shot it from about 100 yards!
I need to get used to having dead deer hanging in my garage this time of year LOL!!!

Christmas with Grammpa, Gramma and cousin Nick 2009

We had vistitors during the coldest week of the year! Nick had fun playing in the snow but gramma and grammpa had to nestle to keep each other warm! LOL!!
Here are a few pics from their time. The boys had a blast playing with their cousin and he was very helpful with Josh and Naomi. Thanks Nick!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Snow Angels!!

So there is a reason my sister began calling my parents "The SHOW". They well are and can be the show as they venture through life together. Visiting us in Iowa is no different. I'll mom thought it would be fun to take a snowy pic for their Christmas card this year...I agreed. So I thought "I'll find a pine tree with some snow on it as a good background." We drove around the corner to a vacant farm and I pulled over. In hindsight I should have verbalized,"Stay on the road and we'll get the tree in the background." I guess I assume too much! As I come around the car my mom proceeded to try and stomp through the snow to get to the tree! Not realizing there is a ditch on the side of the road and the snow is probably about 3-5 feet deep! Yep, you guessed it! Her foot went down, way down, up to her knees the snow came! She then yelled for me and began to laugh that she is stuck in the snow! I am actually kicking myself that I didn't begin taking pics right then and there! But I was being a good daughter and tried to help her out! So these are the pics I eventually began to take after she was "pulled out" of the snow-we eventually did get a cute pic of the two of them for the card (after much laughing in between)! Thank goodness! I would have hated to lose her in 3 feet of snow!!LOL!!

You can see here she is still laughing that she was stuck!!

Getting Bundled!

Joe was being a great helper and getting cousin Nick ready for sledding!

"That was SNOW FUN!!!"

Cousins having fun sledding!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Wish Lists:

I can't believe Christmas is here again. Don't get me wrong I lOVE Christmas, I just can't believe its already here! Another teachable moment to help our kids learn that presents are fun and wonderful to receive but the real reason is to celebrate the birth of Christ.

This year we have lots of opportunities to give. The boys gave some of thier money that they have been saving to buy popcorn for soliders over seas through Boy Scouts. They also gave some of their own money towards gifts likes pigs, chickens, and rabbits to families oversees. And just recently, again through Boy Scouts, we bought things like socks, chapstick, nonperishables to put in care packages for soldiers oversees.

Scott and I are pretty proud that they want to give and hope this type of attitude will continue as long as they have the means to give to others. But we do want to say thanks to you our family for blessing all of our kiddos with gifts too!

In case you were wondering what to get or what size they wear here is a quick list for them:

wearing sizes Boys-M/10 and 12 pants
Gift Cards to Old Navy, Target
loves puzzle type anything, mindgames etc.
likes to build things: knex, legos etc.
likes anything electronic
Loves Toby Mac-Christian rapper has 2 of his cds already!

wearing sizes Boys-M/10 and 10 pants
Gift cards to Old Navy, Target
loves to read: magic treehouse, gernimo stilton series
Likes anything sports
loves to play games as a family
Also likes Toby Mac

Unfortunately she really is no need for any more clothes for now through summer so anything 2T and older is fine.
She likes balls no let me rephrase that she LOVES to play with balls
We are fine with babies too-i know i am taking all the fun out of it!
Any gift cards toward decorating her room would be welcomed!

wearing 9-12 mos. currently
Could use fuzzy zipper style jammies sz. 9-12 mos.
likes to chew on stuff
slobbers alot! LOL!

As far as Scott and I we really don't need any gifts but if you must would love to finish our basement so gift cards or money towards that would be appreciated as well.
Please send us your lists!
We really appreciate all of you and hope to see you soon!

Messy Face!

Josh just started cereal about a month ago and needless to say...we go through A LOT of bibs!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

My First hand held Ice Cream Cone!

We went to DQ where Na got to have her first ice cream cone that she held all by herself-she loved it!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Couple of Andrews Boys Quotes

Joe: "Mom, do you know how many digits are in a google?"
Mom: blank stare, "umm...nope." he then proceeds to tell me.

So there is a push pin punchout of a ship that Sam made, kinda like "light bright"-same idea, that we taped up to the back door, so you could see the light through the holes.
Joe: "Hey mom whats on the door?"
Mom: "A ship that Sam made, isn't it cool?"
Sam: "Yeah, its the Cauliflower. The ship that people came to America on."
I did correct him gently :)

A quick Update

So the boys are in full swing at school. Joe loves his Teacher Mrs. Larkin. She is tough but very kind and fun-Joe flourishes in this type of environment. He loves all of his classes and especially has excelled in math-like that's a surprise with a smart daddy like his!
Sam also loves school and has Mrs. Fideler, Joe's old teacher, he is also doing well in math and spelling. He loves to play outside with his friends. He is also a great reader!

Joe will need braces next year but before that he needed to break his nightime thumbsucking habit. So we went to an orthodontist and he placed a metal bar in between his molars. This does not allow him to suck his thumb. He was ready to be done so it has worked without him trying to remove it. Anyone that would like to donate to his brace fund is more than free too!!! LOL!

Sam now thinks he needs braces:)

Both of the boys are in Tae Kwon Do. They started this past Tuesday and are really loving it! The class has a total of 8 boys-poor instructor :) They are also going to begin Upward Basketball again and are very excited for that!

Naomi is BUSY. She is such a girl-she cleans up after herself-the boys never really did that until they were older. She is pretty tough too she gets lots of bumps and bruises but gets right back up-of course that is after she gets some daddy time in. She is beginning to put 2 words together, this morning she said "nigh, nigh josh." too sweet!
She is very curious and likes to figure things out-again-not surprising with a daddy like hers!

Josh is chunky and a mover! He is rolling form back to front and vice versa. He sleeps well and eats like a champ! We just started cereal last week and he is very heppy about that! I am trying to cherish these times with him since he is our last!

Well Scott and I are good. I have been busy at church and he is very busy at work. We try to get some good time together in the evenings as well as our 2x a month date nights.

Well thanks for reading and I hope not to go too long again before I post-hopefully we will be seeing some of you over the Holidays!
We love you!!

A few Family Pics

My Lil' Punkin'

My sweet Joshua.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkins!! I mean Mud!!

Na had her first experience with carving a pumpkin...well not so much carving as playing in the muddy garden instead!! So daddy carved it for her....

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall, Fun, and Football!

You know its fall when the pumpkins get carved!
Sam worked on his ALL by himself! He did a great job!

Here he is playing flag football! He is having a great time running, throwing, and catching the ball!