Thursday, July 29, 2010

Josh's first Iowa Sweet Corn!

Ok really he is jus too cute
he even holds it right!
These are Na's finished cobs..Josh jus munched on one LOL!!

Jus some pics

takin' a ride

Blueberry Jam

So blueberries are cheap right now so...
thought I would attempt at some fresh jam
they look so pretty
hand blender here!
Lots of stirring going on here and some sugar too
one of my favorite ways to have jam
The pix don't do it justice the color of this jam is amazing!
6 small jars...not bad

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Snack & Grammpa

"MMM Snack"
"I love snack"
"If I had another hand it would
be holding another snack"
"Umm have another snack in
YOUR hand?"

Hands & Feet

Not sure if you know this about me (joy)
but I have a foot fetish. I love cute feet!
i can't help it!
Especially little baby/kiddo feet. You know...when they
are all fat and chubby. Not the newborn feet, I mean
they are cute but toddler feet...yummy!
So I had to get my two tikes feet...and hands, i love
chubby fingers...(but not as much as feet).

Tippy Toes


More Water Play!!

Na loves to catch the water as it pours out the spout
she enjoys dumping it back in too!
She is very careful to place it correctly!
I love this pic of Josh he is as intense as Na...
I am so glad I caught this one of the two of them.
Its so fun to see them do things together.